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Bristow and Sutor (specifically Bristow & Sutor or Bristow & Sutor Civil Enforcement) is a private unlimited company based in Redditch that was established back in 1977. This agency has setup the single site of Bristow Sutor that is accessible at Many of the collection agencies covered previously here tend to work in popular consumer markets such as finance, but this company are certificated bailiffs that are chasing up council tax arrears, landlord rent debts, road traffic debts etc. One source indicated that they rank in the mid 70s of all recovery agencies and so this shows that they are doing well within their catered sectors considering the type of debts that they track down.

They ranked higher than other popular bailiff firms such as Jacobs. If you are looking to pay Bristow and Sutor then you can do this securely online at When running through with a payment a small secure popup will allow you do this. I did look for the Bristow and Sutor contact number, but to receive this you must enter your case ID and reference. Bristow and Sutor hold CSA membership under bailiff & process serving. From looking online, discussions surrounding council tax debts popped up frequently. As a bailiff they have the law on their side and so you should deal with any debts owed to this company as swiftly as you can.

Bristow and Sutor (Bristow Sutor)